Provide in-class time to work on project

A major concern of students regarding group projects is the difficulty of getting the entire team together outside of class to work on the project. Between classes, work, and family care, many students have very busy schedules. To address this, regularly set aside some time for students to be able to work with their teams in class. This also allows students to ask you questions that come up while they are working on the assignment.

How to do it:

  • Assign an in-class task to finish.  To keep teams productive during class, assign them a task to finish and turn in at the end of their in-class work time. This helps students focus and provides you with feedback on how they are doing. Make sure the task directly relates to some aspect of the project.
  • Monitor teams. When providing in-class time to work on the project, observe group dynamics so that you can troubleshoot if necessary.