Need help with your team project?

This site is for you, if you are (1) thinking about incorporating a team project* into a course you teach, (2) have used team projects in the past and have a question about next steps, or (3) are wondering how to address a challenge you or your students face.  

To explore the site, click on any of the questions below for more information, to learn about good practices, and to explore additional resources selected to help you create, support, and assess effective team projects in your classes.

1. Why use teamwork projects in your class?

2. What are the characteristics of a successful team project?

3. How can you introduce a team project to your students to get maximum buy in?  

4. How can you form effective teams?

5. How can you assess a team project?

6. How can you support students during the project process?

7. How can you wrap up a team project?


For the purposes of this site, a team is defined as a group of students working together on a graded assignment over multiple class sessions.


Student companion site: Surviving Group Projects